One Man Killed as Rockets, Grads Rain on Israeli Cities

UPDATE 02:00 31 October 2011:   One man, Ami Moshe age 59, of Ashdod, died  from shrapnel wounds inflicted by Grad which hit his car.  15 others remain hospitalized with moderate to serious wounds.  Israeli PM Netanyahu said there is NO ceasefire in effect as of today, Sunday.

Interestingly, the pattern is: Terrorists fire on or bomb Israel then quickly call for international help in imposing a ceasefire to escape retaliation against those ordering or attacking Israeli civilians. Well, guess what?  It took us a while, but we are ‘onto them’!

30 October 2011:  From 17:00 Saturday (Sabbath) IST more than 25 rockets and missiles explode in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Gan Yavne and other cities in southern Israel.

Schools closed tomorrow in most area cities. Israel responding to bomb attack sites in Gaza.

Islamic Jihad Islamic group is responsible. In response to their attack last week, Israel struck and killed a top leader and several operatives in Gaza.

Hamas claims it doesn’t want the conflict intensified, but it’s clear they are able to take control if they wish. These are long range rockets and Grad missiles, not small shoulder-held Katushas.

Meanwhile, Israel cannot absorb multiple attacks on civilian populations without response.

South Israel to remain on alert status throughout the night.

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