Why Worry? The Saga of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb

So will Israel strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, or won’t she?

Eight years is a long time to play ‘she loves me, she loves me not ‘ and the daisy’s petals have long since fallen, crumbled and gone.  However, the leaders of the free world are still passing around the daisy and pretending to see petals to pull off:  she has the bomb, has it not.   The gamble is now being exposed for the illusion it has always been. The question is now as passe as the children’s game.

While the leaders deluded themselves that they were deceiving the public in order to hide their own lack of will to find solutions, the common folk knew the truth and resigned themselves to some future catastrophe.  Their only hope was that the diplomatic theater would delay it or that somehow their world would survive it.  Today, reporters revealed that in a private conversation, French leader Sarkosy labeled Israeli PM Netanyahu a liar after which US Pres. Obama in commiseration said that he had to deal with Netanyahu daily.  Amazingly they don’t seem to realize how their ‘friends’ and especially their enemies view them!

Now the public is being told by every media channel that Obama is warning of strict economic sanctions on Iran to bring her into submission:  That was yesterday. Today, they are loudly announcing that the threat is off the table.   In any case, with Russia and China protecting Iran, the sanctions seemed certain to fail while inflicting such a serious wound to the world economy that might bring the mighty crashing down without the need for the  BOMB.  Such has been the success of Obama and his backers to break the power of the west in his 3 short years in power.

After encouraging Israel to attack Iranian submarines in the Red Sea and after delivering the bunker buster bombs to Israel in September, the White House and US State Department are raising the noise level to warn Israel NOT to undertake unilateral action.  German, Italy and NATO, trained  with Israel in Italy for long range bombing runs and military exercises, the leaders of  NATO pressured Israel (at least in the media) to draw down. Will the US now cancel the announced large military exercise with Israel in March?

The likelihood is that Israel will find itself under attack sooner or later, from any and every direction, no matter how this plays out

If Israel decides she must strike, will she be going it alone and face the counterattack isolated and sanctioned? What would be the cost this time to ‘David’ for staving off the Islamic ‘Goliath’, for buying the weak-kneed western leaders a few months or years before they will have no more options but to fight or die?  Meanwhile it is an international ‘hostage’ situation as Tehran continues to threaten that before retaliating on anyone else, millions of Israelis will die for any strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, apparently referring to Israel’s major population areas as targets for their long-range missiles – not to mention the arms now in Gaza and S. Lebanon. Hizbollah may or may not wait for ‘justification’ to launch their 10,000 missiles against Israel.

And if Israel doesn’t, how long before Iran, Hizbollah, Syria (or what’s left of her), Lebanon and Hamas with an enfeebled Egypt decide to jointly attempt to wipe Israel off the map?  In Debkafile’s opinion, “Israel [is left] with a choice between a military strike or bowing to the Obama administration’s acceptance of a nuclear-armed Iran and learning to live with this ever-present menace.  The same stark choice confronts Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf.”

Iran threatens millions of Israelis saying they will die for any strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities

And the most outrageous statement ever by Obama has been his recent threat that by the summer of 2012 “someone” must strike Iran!!!  That is so obviously a pre-election ploy. It would be meant to ensure his own reelection in the midst of the hysteria that would result immediately after the attack. It appears that his power is far more important than the lives of millions in Israel, the Middle East, Europe and America.  Just how low will he go?

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3 Responses to Why Worry? The Saga of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb

  1. Siempre says:

    “Just how low will he go?” You mean there are depths unplumbed? Not! When I was a girl one of the degrading statements used was…’so low they have gone that they have to look up to look down.’ Does that ring a bell? Sounds so right.

  2. YES ISREAL WILL BOMB THEM More than likely, one or many biological chemical bombs will be released in Israel. Little Judah may be forced to go it alone and fight for survival. Unfortunately, when any action is taken by that tiny tribe striving to stay alive, the United Nations will unite in throwing a conniption fit party. The hypocritical international community will then raise its ugly head, crying outrage, spewing out venomous condemna-tion to its own shame. At that time, all phony, political pos-turing with its façade policies of fairness will be thrown out the window. Within the world body, cancerous votes will be cast. Their hate-filled, diseased-like attitude will spread and condemnation will be swift, completely against Israel. Then the United States may awaken from its drunken political or-gies, sober up a little, and desire to come to the aid of their long lost brother, Judah.
    Unfortunately, all America‘s foreign lovers will be dis-pleased. Whatever mischievous cards those foreign lovers cur-rently hold in their corrupt hands during such a time of world crisis, you can be certain will be played. The ownership ofports, shipping vessels, and all transportation equipment in and out of those ports will then be used against the United States. Foreign nations can bring the entire U.S. economy to a standstill. They don‘t even need to threaten us with terrorist attacks using nuclear bombs or chemical-biological weapons. These nations can simply shut down their selfish interest. En-tire operations can be put on hold, keeping all goods and services from reaching these ports, because of foreign influence over that port. Halting the flow of goods and services to their destinations throughout America, this wicked action will lit-erally hold our national economy for ransom. The U.S. will be laden with increasing trouble, hemorrhaging our life‘s blood from seaport to seaport. Major tribulations are our destiny simply because we declare the rightful family alliance to Is-rael.
    A deadly domino effect, my dear friends in the Ameri-can media (you who favor such toxic transactions taking place), is the very realistic scenario which you will see befall us in the near future.

  3. john smith says:

    yea right!

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