Even the experts seem to be unable to disentangle the quandary that is Syria and foresee the consequences of  victory by any. By now most of us know who are involved in one way or another:

Syrian leaders (Assad, etc.)

Syrian rebels — Sunni/al Qaeda affiliated or lead

Syrian rebels — Shiite/Iranian, Hizbullah affiliated or lead

Syrian rebels — groups armed by Iran/Russia/US/?


Russia – Russian Troops on the Golan?


Turkey – Is this article a ‘planted’ claim by Turkish officials blaming Syria and Iran for the street riots in their cities? News publisher Hurriyet, which first reported this, states

The sources also claimed to have information that Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Syrian intelligence unit, al-Mukhaberat, are working against Turkey.

Hizbullah, Al Qaeda, Hamas (recently “evicted” from the war!)

Tuesday, June 11, DEBKAfile reported exclusively that Hizballah and Iran had suspended their military and financial ties with the Palestinian Sunni Hamas after discovering its members fighting with Syrian rebels in the al Quseyr battle. A day later, the Sunni Gulf is seen to be meting out punishment to the Shiite powers. The estrangement between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in the Arab world is deepening sharply in consequence of the Syrian conflict.


Add to those, the nations or organizations attempting to influence the outcome by providing support and/or arms

US, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States and may more supplying fighters, arms, money, etc.

UN troops

The most threatened, preemptive and defensive actions:  Israel

Each of the above is taking its own uncoordinated actions, discreet and overt,  to influence the outcome:

The Gulf States are exporting all Lebanese Shiites. The consequences of this includes the de-stabilization of their own nations and further chaos in Lebanon.

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