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Mediterranean Sea: New Battleground?

September 4, 2011
Israel Defense Force Navy Ship

Turkey, Iran challenge Israeli Mediterranean Predominance Following the terrorist attack in mid-August across the Israeli / Egyptian border at Sinai, the Israeli Navy announced that it would maintain a presence in the Red Sea near the border area in order to provide support and protection to Israel civilians in Eilat and along the border.  Within...

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Apologize to Turkey?

August 4, 2011
Throwing Israeli Soldiers off the Turkish Mavi Marmara

Turkey refuses to participate again this year in joint US-Israel-naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, a project they had been part of in past years. Turkish PM Erdogan is demanding that Israel apologize for the deaths of the terrorists on board the Miva Marmara, infamous ship in the 1st so-called Gaza Flotilla. In diplomatic circles in Israel,...

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Al Qaeda in Sinai – Threatens more than just Israel

August 2, 2011
Al Qaeda in El Arish

News: Al Qaeda strikes Egypt-Israel gas installation in Sinai.  Fifth time since February, 2nd time this month (yawn). Obviously, Israel knows it can no longer depend on gas imports across Sinai. Jordan and Syria, also served by these lines,  must be making alternative arrangements by the 5th attack. What most reports don’t tell you is how...

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