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3rd Intifada Planned?

The headlines today indicate that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas may be colluding with his military leaders to instigate a new Intifada in an all-out effort to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.  While Abbas may think he’s struck a deal … Continue reading

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The Legality of Israel’s Existence

A Legal “Occupation” by RKNEWS — last modified 2011 August 20  Contributors: Eli Hertz, Myths and Facts Org; (image added) History The proof is there to support the legality of the Jewish “occupation” of the whole land of Israel under international law. … Continue reading

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Why Israel Should Not Divide Jerusalem

If the US and Europe do not want the chaos of Lebanon, the slaughter of civilians as in Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia to occur in Israel; if they do not want world-threatening warfare as not seen in 70 years, … Continue reading

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