The greatest enemies of Israel are not the women, children, young men and old who slash, shoot and throw blocks and bombs at Israeli civilians or security personnel. The real enemies are the ones who send them to attack — the international financiers, donors, prime ministers and presidents, the press and, yes, the flag wavers and rioters on their behalf. Without money, political and moral support, these killers would instead be occupied with working, learning, and building their lives.  The proof? There are yet the silent and intimidated among them who do so, successfully!

A brief message to you who disagree:

If you are among the so-called PRO-PALESTINIANS who wave flags, write articles, boycott Israel and send money and guns to encourage an “intifada”…..YOUR FACE should be on the WANTED POSTERS!  YOU are the real international criminals, the murderers of women in supermarkets, of old men on buses, of children in their beds. YOU!!! But you are cowards, because you send others to die and you feel like a hero while you live in comfort and safely.


Teaching the Children to Hate

Today, on its official Facebook page, Abbas’ Fatah movement posted the cover of an Antisemitic children’s book from Germany from 1936.  Posted text: 

“The cover of one of the children’s books in Germany in 1936 whose title is: 

   ‘Trust no fox on his green heath, and trust no Jew on his oath’
[Official Facebook page of the Fatah movement, Oct. 29, 2015]
[Palestinian Media Watch]

So, in the midst of denying the direct connection between the Nazi’s and the Arab terror groups, the PLO (Fatah) placed this book cover on its official homepage.   However, the hate they teach their children is not the same, it is worse. In the PA and Hamas summer camps, they provide training to grade school children, teaching them to use guns and knives while indoctrinating them with hate.    []

On Tuesday, Sir Gerald Kaufman, a Member of the British Parliament who hates Israel, claimed that Israel was making up the recent Palestinian terror attacks in order to be free to  “execute Palestinians.”

While, in the US, Secretary of State Kerry says that the situation in Israel is not sustainable.

But which ‘situation cannot be sustained’?

The Israelis who are trying to go about normal daily lives of working, raising families, and making discoveries that lead the world in research, technical, health and agricultural advancements? 


The existence of a terror state in which the youth are inducted into organizations formed to strike terror into the hearts of men, women and children in Israel and around the whole world?  

Obviously, it’s the first, since Kerry immediately clarifies: The responsibility for the terror against Israel is on ISRAEL.   ISRAEL must cease to resist. Only THEN, the Palestinian leadership must organize, meet with Israel and agree to the two-state solution.  

When ISRAEL ceases to resist,  ISRAEL will cease to exist.
(Just a question: Should the response to terror against the US or Europe be the same?)

Palestinian terror

Israeli soldiers wheel a wounded woman into a hospital emergency room on Wednesday after she was stabbed at the Gush Etzion junction. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

According to UNITED WITH ISRAEL  Between October 1-29, 2015, 11 people have been murdered and 126 wounded in the attacks – of them 13 seriously. Magen David Adom also treated 65 victims for shock. 

58 stabbings, 4 shootings,  5 vehicular attacks.

So, how many attacks, how many dead and wounded have there been in 2015?    CLICK HERE!

What of the ‘martyrs’?

What about the wasted lives of the mostly-young attackers, some who die, some who are imprisoned, some who flee to murder again….until they die. No one mourns them. They celebrate their deaths! Moreover, after a time, most of them will be forgotten, a statistic except to their own family or community. They die in vain!

The pseudo-governments in the PA and Gaza, like Al Qaeda, ISIS and others do not build  homes and schools, repair streets and sewers and a truly SUSTAINABLE economy for their people. They use the funds of the world and the bodies of their people to gain wealth and power through murder and destruction.

Yes, like the Nazis they hide their wealth while they commit genocide against the Jews first, then against anyone else who opposes them……and in the end, they bring only death and enslavement to the Arabs they so claim to love.


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