October 27, 2016
Israel (and the world of nations – UN)  needs to remember every hour and every day that the only one firmly protecting Israel is the owner and ruler of this Land,  the God of Abraham,  Isaac and Jacob through whomever He blesses to lead Israel – or in spite of him or her, if they do not serve Him.
HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR AND WISDOM TO UNDERSTAND: Any and all who forget WHO really rules Jerusalem and is the guardian of Israel is bringing about their own destruction and the end of their empires.

Hizballah ducks Russian ire by Lebanon attack

The pro-iranian Lebanese Hizballah staged two drive-by shooting attacks into northern Israel Wednesday, Oct. 26 from Lebanon, slightly injuring an Israel soldier. The two rounds of gunfire came from a moving vehicle driving on the Lebanese side of the border fence and were aimed at soldiers posted at the security fence at Metula, Israel’s northernmost town.  The IDF was ready for the second round of shooting and returned the fire, hitting at least one target. It is not clear whether Hizballah gunmen were injured.

The Lebanese army denied that this cross-border exchange of fire took place. In August too, they denied that two large explosive devices found hidden on Metula farmland had come from Lebanon.

It turned out that the bombs had been planted by Hizballah infiltrators in July, ready to be picked by an agent of Hizballah’s anti-Israel intelligence and terrorist apparatus, headed by Ahmed Mughniyeh, brother of the late notorious terror master Imad, for passing into the hands of a Palestinian terrorist team for a multi-casualty attack in Israel.

The bombs were discovered in time to avert this attack.

Our sources disclose exclusively that Hizballah and its masters in Tehran have de-escalated their confrontation with Israel in response to a warning from Moscow.

Gen. Zhuraviev warned him (senior Hizballah officer,  Talal Hamiathat)  at a time that Aleppo is in the midst of a critical battle with Syrian rebels, Moscow would not tolerate the stirring up of border tensions with Israel from Syria.


So they apparently Hizbollah  thinks they can ‘hit and run’  and Israel won’t escalate in retaliation,  status quo. We’ll see….

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