ISIS Regains Palmyra from Russian Troops

December 13, 2016

The war in Syria: A mix of desert warfare,  guerilla warfare and modern military units. 

Debkafiles describes the latest ISIS victories.  ISIS seizes big Russian-Syrian T-4 air base

ISIS seizes big Russian Syrian T-4 air base

ISIS returns to PalmyraPhotos from Debka.Com

Syrian war, maps

Islamic State forces pushed their assault forward to retake the central Syrian town of Palmyra Monday, Dec. 12. By evening, they had entered the big Russian-Syrian T-4 air base outside the town, carrying off substantial quantities of Russian armaments. Reporting this, debkafile’s military sources add that the booty they snatched included different types of ground-to-ground missiles as well as anti-tank and anti-air rockets.

Striking from Sinai,  a suicide bomber blew himself up a Copic church in Cairo during a service,  killing at least 29 worshippers. There have been other recent attacks on Egypt by ISIS,  in and from Sinai,  and even an occasional attack on Southern Israel.  Within Israel of late there has been no major damage or casualties. The attacks mostly act as a reminder that,  with the support of local Bedouin tribesmen,  ISIS has the ability to attack if,  where and when they wish to do so.

Due to the obvious disarray, lack of coordination and manpower,  the so-called ‘western coalition’,  such as it is, only seems to make the situation worse. Until there is a decision on who should be put in power and a guarantee of control of the country, they are just prolonging the suffering of the civilian population. Given the intent of ISIS to kill men,  women and children alike in order to terrorize,  control and purge dissenters, protecting them in place is impossible!

The US activity is so uncoordinated with reality as to be ridiculous. US soldiers are put in harms way without clear directives and the probable success of their mission. Whatever success they may have is due to their own abilities on the ground, almost in spite of the directives of the high command.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, who arrived in Baghdad Sunday, Dec. 11, was assigned by the Obama administration to make a last effort to reactivate the Mosul campaign….

Even if Carter can wave a magic wand and resolve all these issues, the momentum and high hopes that actuated the Mosul campaign when it started have been lost and can hardly be recovered before Barack Obama leaves the White House.

Read the original article for additional and more detailed information describing the current situation.

For the above reasons,  the statement made by Israeli news sources that Israel must act independently to protect itself is truly an understatement. There is no one Israel can align with that has a clear strategy and is a dependable coalition partner for carrying the war through to a defined (and agreed)  goal.

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