Massacre: “an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people”

A little dose of logic:

That is what happened 7 days ago. In Israel. To unexpecting, unprepared civilians, men, women and children. Early on a quiet Sabbath morning.

Among the slaughtered were infants, beheaded! Did they attack or defend themselves? Of what were they guilty? Ahhh, perhaps being born?

The sun rises on hundreds of dead, most defenseless. Yet already in the world there are those who scream against Israel for responding hours later by openly declaring war. No surprise to Hamas, that’s what they planned. They were prepared.

Yet when Israel responds and it starts to hurt, like the school yard bully, Hamas cries foul. And you? You cry baby demonstrators at Harvard shout and accuse Israel, justify the massacre and then complain if your names are revealed? You are cowards. You publicly accuse? Why will you demand anonymity? Own it. Actions have consequences, or so you are shouting! But, apparently, only for others.

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