Most Americans are our friends; the extreme left, Hamas in the US, most Palestinians in the US, and much of the top echelon of US defense, intelligence and government are NOT our friends. Decent law-abiding Americans, many Christians, most moral Americans….. they are our friends but their voices are not being heard. There was widespread shock and unbelief at the brutality the world witnessed. Now, already we are hearing the same old song. The world continues over many years to pay the price for not absolutely defeating an enemy. And so, the enmity and the growing threat from North Korea through all the consequent wars that were ended by compromise. The evil is never vanquished; rather it continues to grow and threaten the humane ‘winners’ of the wars. Cruelty without limit; conflict without end. Now will the Powerful, the Rich, the Military elites tie the hands of Israel or will they allow Israel to end this threat for once and for all? It is terrifying to see the rapid change of world opinion and witness the successful propaganda of those who hate Israel. So will Biden and those who influence him join them. May the God of Israel in His Mercy open their minds to see justice and protect Israel!

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