Hamas Agrees To Accept State Within ’67 Borders “We accept the 1967 borders, and we are active in Europe, where there is a willingness and readiness to help.”


“We will repeat the Oct. 7 attacks over and over again until Israel is annihilated”  “Israel is a country that has no place on our land. We must remove that country….. ”

In 2013 Ghazi Hamad was a deputy foreign minister in the Hamas government. At that time he was not seen as an extreme Islamic activist. However, following his success in arranging the release of Gilad Shalit from Hamas captivity in return for the freedom of over 1000 Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons, he gained influence in Hamas and in the eyes of Palestinians.

It should have been expected that this successful prisoner trade would become a precedent leading to the murderous opening attack of the current war and the kidnapping of more than 240 innocent men, women and children of multiple nationalities. The viciousness, the insanity, of the attack by drugged marauders that included the bloody beheading and massacre of hundreds more could not have been foreseen.

So what more does this “moderate” Ghazi Haman have to say today?

“The Al-Aqsa Flood Is Just The First Time, And There Will Be A Second, Third, And Fourth[;] Will We Pay A Price? Yes, And We Are Ready To Pay It” MEMRI.ORG

With no shame or excuse for the type of attack he had staged, Ghazi Hamad states that Israel has no right to exist: To survive, Israel must deny Hamas the right to exist…. and will likely need to convince those pouring millions of dollars and supplies that they, too, may forfeit their right to exist if they choose to help execute further Hamas’ plans. This is true of every country, every source encouraging, inspiring, funding and assisting in his war of annihilation. Israel must eliminate him and his threat; it has no other options.

Make no mistake: This is an old and continuous fanatical RELIGIOUS WAR. In countries where Islam is the majority and radical Islam makes the rules (Iran et al), Jews have been banished or are suffering extreme limitations in their daily or religious lives. Many of these same countries have banned and/or tortured Christians, as well. In spite of the US 9/11 and ongoing warfare in Afghanistan, Yemen, et al, the West has been willfully blind or aloof. But it is time to remove the blinders.

Leaders need to take a good look at what is happening in the streets and neighborhoods of each of their countries. They need to see the seemingly localized / spontaneous uprisings for what they really are. They need to look at the schooling in the mosques, to listen to the fiery speeches of the Imams. Even if for now, the rioting seems ‘cultural’ and mainly focused on Jews and Christians, the rules of Islam restrict personal and national freedom.

REMEMBER, if Israel is destroyed, Islam is on the way to YOU. (Take note all leftist or liberal supporters of Hamas. The freedoms you now enjoy will be death penalty crimes with no mercy.)

To you, in Europe, in North America, in Asia: Wake up, Beware. Israel is NOT your enemy. Who is? The throngs of rabid Islamists and their blind supporters that are filling your schools, your neighborhoods, are now rioting in your streets. They threaten the very stability of your nations, your cities. You think you can control them? I wanna watch……..

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