Hizbollah Prepares for War

May 10, 2007


Tunnels under the security fence, bombs alongside, fortresses, anti-air missiles, upgraded arms and equipment and well-trained man-power: In addition to the preceding, add active financial support from Syria, Iran and Russia along with North Korea and China, and you have a more powerful war machine than that which tested Israel’s readiness and will to fight in the summer of 2006, and found an Israel militarily unprepared to fight and politically unwilling to win.

While the West whines, argues, and complains, Jihad forces realign, re-arm and gain popular support in preparation for the next round.” Hizballah waited only one day after Israel’s final pull-out to set up checkpoints and declare its retaken strongholds with rockets “closed military zones,” which neither the Lebanese army nor UN peacekeepers have dared to enter.”  The Israeli government for some time delayed informing the public of these developments which effectively dismiss UN Security Council resolution 1701 which demanded Hizballah’s disarmament and UNifil’s enforcement! However, with the recent placement of bombs in Israeli territory along the security fence, the message is so belligerent and brazen that even the UN couldn’t ignore it!!. [read entire article at Debka.com]

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3 October 2006

UNIFIL Press Statement

UNIFIL is steadily enhancing its operational capabilities in order to fulfill its responsibilities under Security Council resolution 1701 (2006). More than 3,000 additional troops, for a current total of around 5,200, plus an Interim Maritime Task Force, have been deployed so far. UNIFIL personnel are patrolling the area of operations, monitoring the cessation of the hostilities, and assisting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), which have already deployed five brigades in the south. Yesterday, UNIFIL confirmed the withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to south of the Blue Line, except in the area around Ghajar, and ensured a seamless and smooth takeover by the LAF.

Should the situation present any risk of resumption of hostile activities, UNIFIL rules of engagement allow UN forces to respond as required. UNIFIL commanders have sufficient authority to act forcefully when confronted with hostile activity of any kind. UNIFIL has set up temporary checkpoints at key locations within its area of operations. Permanent checkpoints are being established by the LAF to stop and search passing vehicles. In case specific information is available regarding movement of unauthorized weapons or equipment, the LAF will take required action. However, in situations where the LAF are not in a position to do so, UNIFIL will do everything necessary to fulfill its mandate in accordance with Security Council resolution 1701.

In implementing their mandate, all UNIFIL personnel may exercise the inherent right of self-defense. In addition, the use of force beyond self-defense may be applied to ensure that UNIFIL’s area of operations is not utilized for hostile activities; to resist attempts by forceful means to prevent UNIFIL from discharging its duties under the mandate of the Security Council; to protect UN personnel, facilities, installations and equipment; to ensure the security and freedom of movement of UN personnel and humanitarian workers; and to protect civilians under imminent threat of physical violence in its areas of deployment, within its capabilities.

For further information, Please contact Alexander Ivanko, UNIFIL Spokesman, at (+961) 70 910064.



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