Ignorance is No Excuse #5

Indoctrination of the Next Generation:

Perhaps naively, my generation was taught to believe the history books, to trust the teachers, and to see history through the eyes of western public education. That belief was naive and inaccurate then, and it’s more out of place now as the distortion and rewriting of history has grown bolder in order to promote an ideological agenda. And what was taught under the rule of dictators or the traditions of various peoples was even less faithful to the political and social history their region and of the world than the distorted books of the west. While the peace seekers were sleeping, those seeking power and to wage the war to obtain it have been remembered and taken action: He who teaches the children forms the future. Following are some examples of incitement, hatred towards Israel and antisemitism, according to subject:

  1. The Jewish people – the textbooks are replete with antisemitic expressions of hatred and hostility towards the Jewish people, including references from the Koran attesting to the corrupt, dishonest character of the Jews, who are also anti-Islam. They claim that, according to the Talmud, the Jews believe that the human animal was created to serve them and that it is permitted to deceive the gentiles, who have satanic souls.
  2. Jerusalem – Israelis covet Jerusalem above all else. They burned the Al Aksa mosque in 1969 as part of the Zionist plan to take control of Haram al-Sharif (the Temple Mount) and to destroy the Muslim buildings there, in order to build their Temple. It is incumbent on the Arab army to liberate the mosques from the thieving conqueror.
  3. Zionism – Zionism is a threat to the Arabs, and all Arabs are obligated to fight it; the Zionist germ must be expunged from the Arab nation. Teachers’ guides for the 10th and 12th grades explain that Zionism is a racist movement that aspires to Judaize Palestine by expelling its Arab residents. Furthermore, Zionist ideology is more racist, extremist and aggressive than other ideologies (of the 20th century) and established a Jewish political entity in Palestine that threatens the security of the Arab homeland.
  4. Jihad – already in the 2nd grade, Palestinian pupils learn that Jordanian young men are eager to sacrifice their lives for the jihad, to defend the Arab character of Palestine. Another textbook states that the Arabs and the Muslims will fight the Jews who evicted them from their homes. In the 8th grade, the students learn that the usurpers have crossed all boundaries and therefore the time has come for jihad, to unsheathe the sharp sword.
  5. The Iz a-Din al-Kassam receives much praise in descriptions of Palestinian bravery, and the battle of Karama is described as resulting from the Zionist lust for expansion. Stone-throwers are also glorified in these books.
  6. Israel – The name “Israel” does not appear on the maps, and Jewish cities are not mentioned. Tel Aviv is called “Jaffa.” In the 5th grade, discussion is devoted to the question: Why must we fight the Jews and expel them from our land? In the 7th grade, the children learn that 1948 was the year of “the Great Crime,” when “the gang state” was established by seizing control of cities and villages and mistreating the residents.
  7. The “Right of Return” – Eighth-graders are taught a song about Jaffa, promising to return from the diaspora and the prisons. An 8th grade history textbook explains that Israels close ties with imperialism made its establishment possible.

Textbooks in the schools indoctrinate the children with false history and hatred. But it’s not only the textbooks, not only the teachers….

The latest episode of “Tomorrow’s Pioneers,” broadcast last week on January 22 on Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV, features a young host asking a 10-year-old girl whether she was afraid of dying last year during the fighting between IDF soldiers and Hamas terrorists. No, I wasn’t afraid,” the little girl answers proudly. “I wished for Shahada (martyrdom) – Shahada for Allah.” IsraelNationalNews To celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, Palestinian TV has launched a new program called “The Best Mothers.“ But who constitutes the ”best mothers” according to Palestinians? Apparently ones whose children were suicide bombers who killed innocent Israelis and themselves, and hence, became “martyrs.” The 10-minute segment, that reportedly airs every day, features a different Palestinian mother in her home, talking about the children of whom she is most proud. The Blaze

And it’s not only the government-controlled organized media…. The culture is infused with glorification of suicide martyrs, terrorist who are in Israeli prisons for cruel and bloody murder of infants, children, teens and elderly people, some in their beds, others eating a pizza.  There are holidays, banners, demonstrations, and official celebrations of their bloody work. In addition acclamation of the martyr in song, poetry, the families often receive thousands of dollars from the government (funds often coming from Saudi Arabia or other foreign sources) and are themselves seen as heroes for giving their sons and daughters for their religious beliefs and ideology.

According to the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, approximately 87% of Palestinians support armed attacks against soldiers and settlers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. There is little surprise that many also support those who sacrificed their lives to attack Israelis. In fact, they are viewed as heroes or martyrs and are openly celebrated. Carrying out suicide attacks for the sake of God and nation is considered not only a worthy thing to do, but is actively facilitated by some community and mosque leaders, schools and even the Palestinian media. Palestinian extremists feel that the suicide attacks are just and something that Westerners will never understand because of cultural and religious differences. Martyrdom is considered to be one of the highest achievements a person can attain. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) stated that martyrdom increases one’s “social status after death, as well as that of his or her family.” Martyrs are glorified and their names and faces often decorate walls and posters throughout many Palestinian communities. Some families even encourage their relatives and children to engage in martyrdom. Parents of suicide terrorists often feel a sense of pride for the retaliatory act their children have carried out against Israel. It is often believed that the act is a religious duty that is for the benefit of all Palestinians. According to a PBS interview by Martin Himmel, the father of a suicide terrorist stated that the martyr “gives his soul as a gift” to society by sacrificing themselves. The Palestinian beliefs concerning martyrdom are not unique to the Middle East and flourish in the Western world. For example, shortly after September 11, a Washington Post columnist visited an Islamic school in the wealthy Washington suburb of Potomac, Md. He was shocked to find that the corridors of the school were filled with the photos of Palestinian suicide bombers, even though the children who attended the school were American citizens and Arab diplomats, not Palestinians. [italics by author] TruTV

Until a generation arises that wishes to live in true peace with their neighbors, the world is in immanent danger of self-destruction.  So it’s not looking positive over the short-term. When the central faith of the majority of a people is in a religion that promotes physical jihad and total rule over all non-believers, nothing but absolute defeat will still their bloody quest….and then (according to their teachings) only until they can become strong enough to raise the attack again.

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