Who Benefits from the Chaos?

October 23, 2011

When International Organizations, whether Labor, Leftists, Rightists or extremists with any agenda can manipulate hapless citizens to violence in the streets in order to achieve a “regime change” or a “spring”, they affect the whole interconnected world — for good or for bad.

When chaos reigns, the average citizen will gladly hand over his freedom and all his worldly goods just to obtain safety, security, food and shelter. When this happens that citizen cannot place total blame on those Organizers: They can only succeed if the citizens have shown total indifference to the health of their society at a local and national level.

Apathy and ignorance is what has made the average citizen gullible and vulnerable. The price in blood and the future enslavement of untold generations is described vividly through thousands of years of world history.

The goal of social and economic destabilization is not difficult to achieve with sufficient propaganda and money. The question is, to what end? What is the plan for re-creating stability and a positive governance? What does the average citizen want, in Egypt, in Libya, Syria, Tunisia, etc? To do more than just survive? To live securely? To have a good quality of life with adequate food and shelter for his family? It sounds so simple and are worthy goals.

Are those taking this citizen into the streets doing so to give him what he wants? Does the average citizen understand that his blood may be spilled and what comes may be worse than what was?

Who is asking what THEY want? Who ARE those ‘selfless’ leaders in NY or London who are creating the chaos? ┬áIt’s not hard to find out.

Unfortunately, many of the leaders, financiers, and ‘community organizers’ are not so selfless as they seem. They are vying for the spoils: POWER, WEALTH, and CONTROL, enslavement of the masses for their own comfort and to satisfy greed. I wonder if it’s too late to stop them….

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