Mob Rule vs ?

November 29, 2011

Definition —

Mob rule

Control of a political situation by those outside the conventional or lawful realm, typically involving violence and intimidation

2010 population of Egypt :  81,121,077 *
Numbers range from thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in the streets of Cairo.  Let’s say for argument that the highest number of protesters in the streets of all Egypt is 1 million.  With a median age of ~24, the adult population is approximately 50,000,000. It’s difficult to assess what percent  of the 49,000,000 NOT in the streets are in support of the activities and results of the so-called Arab Spring.
No one argues the obvious fact that the past governments of Egypt (and most other Arab countries) have ruled strictly, often cruelly and corruptly, invading the daily and personal lives of their citizens and severely limiting personal freedom. But is chaos a better alternative? Will the chaos give over to a incorruptible government allowing personal freedoms? Not if the Islamic rulers are able to stuff the ballot boxes or gain control of the streets.
Who started this?  Who is keeping it stirred up? and What are the true goals?  Who is vying for power and for the wealth and glory of ruling Egypt?
For any formed (elected or not) government to reestablish order in the streets and daily life of Egyptians will demand a strong hand to enforce the rule of law.
The liklihood is that those who don’t agree will once again be in the streets to get their way. In order for a new order to effectively rule, the population   INCLUDING the street mob must willingly acquiesce to their limitation of their ‘rights’.
I don’t see that coming round the corner.
*Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators

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