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December 19, 2011

Man Proposes; God Disposes –


Anyone who thinks they are totally prepared for what the morning brings is delusional.  Even conclusions we draw based on our interpretations of current events and world alliances can become totally irrelevant in an instant.  Unlike ‘revolutions, rebellions, or so-called Springs’, regime change can come upon us in a final judgment by an unseen hand. If we are wise, we recognize that after all, it is indeed Someone Else who appoints the kings and sets over the nations anyone He wishes.*

North Korea’s Dear Leader is Dead 

Dear Leader Dead, Son Kim-Jong-un is Heir

Today we are witness to one of those ‘instants’ with the death of the North Korean Dear Leader who has shared his weapons of war with other evil men who want to rule the world.  No one outside of a few offices in a small starving nation has any idea of the intent of the Dear Leader’s heir:  Will he continue with his father’s plans? Will the N. Korean military take over, killing him or using him as a proxy king? Could he surprise everyone and free his starving people? The last doesn’t appear on anyone’s chart of possibilities but who REALLY knows in which direction he or others will take North Korea.  Perhaps the worst that could happen is for no one to take power, for even a small percentage of the people to take to the streets. A North Korean Spring resulting in chaos would put their weapons mass destruction up for grab, creating a direct existential threat to millions of people, even a chain reaction of worldwide war and destruction.

Turkey in Crisis

Turkey is keeping quiet about the health crisis of PM Erdogan.  He who wanted to rule the Arab World is now facing a ‘change of venue’ and may not, or at least not for long, be present in the corridors of power of this world.  He has imposed drastic political, social and religious changes on the Turkish nation. He has turned his back on the West (Europe, US – except for Obama). Using Muslim, anti-western, anti-Israel rhetoric, he has pursued goals that threaten the stability of NATO and the Western alliances in the Middle East.

Perhaps until now it was his megalomania that motivated him and his zig-zag policies with regard to Israel, Europe and with the Muslim countries in disarray (Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya, et al). However, now we know that it is most certainly his illness that has stayed his hand in carrying out his multiple threats (remember the gas exploration site threats to Israel, Greece, Cyprus and international companies; to invade Syria; to break the Gaza blockade with his warships, etc.)

Arab Spring will bring a Long Arab Winter

The so-called Arab Spring was sprung suddenly on an unsuspecting world, but thissudden change’ was indeed man-made in the capitols of wealthy nations and in the offices of the most wealthy and powerful among them. Rich and powerful ‘visionaries’ are promoting their own dreams of a world order that puts them in charge. They are using the poor of the world to create the chaos that will bring — in their sick minds — everyone to their doorsteps, hat in hand, begging them to restore order. This, of course, they benevolently will set about doing.

Meanwhile the so-called Spring continues to bring death and destruction to those who can least resist or survive it. Most of those in the streets have no idea of how it began or how it will end, and they would deny to their death that only someone far away will reap the benefit of their sacrifice.

Israel in the Maelstrom

Israel is currently under one of its most stable governments.  However, turmoil continues within as exemplified by the sharp divergence of Defense Minister Ehud Barak from coalition policies whenever it suits him – especially with regard to relations with US Pres. Obama’s administration.  With such instability surrounding Israel, the Iranian bomb on the threshold, and Obama manipulating American Jewry, Netanyahu can ill-afford a crisis of power just now, leaving Barak immune to coalition discipline.

Israel is under real threat of imminent attack from all sides.  Governments like Syria and Iran are attempting to stay in power by attacking a common enemy. Rogue groups are supplied with significant weaponry by Russia, China, Iran, and even by the US and Europe and are prepared for attack (not self-defense, please note) at a moment’s notice. Some claim that the sporadic firing from Lebanon and Gaza are simply to gauge range and Israeli detection and response capabilities. Therefore, it behooves Israel to avoid the chaos of neighboring countries, despite needs to rectify some societal inequalities.  There are better ways to do it than by destroying the political, social and economic structure of the State.

The Israeli Left (like the Left worldwide, in conjunction with international communist, Marxist organizations) seeks to radicalize the poor and lower middle class of Israel in order to create the chaos of Cairo or San Francisco in Tel Aviv. So far they have not been very successful.  It appears that 1) the current coalition indeed recognizes and seeks to reduce the gap between rich and poor and to raise the standard of living,  and that 2) most Israelis, regardless of socio-economic status, understand that enemy missiles don’t differentiate. In death, the rich and the poor find true social justice: they are both just dead.

*[Daniel 5:21, among others]

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