3rd Intifada Planned?

December 28, 2011

The headlines today indicate that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas may be colluding with his military leaders to instigate a new Intifada in an all-out effort to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.  While Abbas may think he’s struck a deal with exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal (formerly of Damascus!)  allowing Hamas to share power in the Ramallah-based PA Government, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar who has refused to align himself with Abbas is predicting that Hamas will wipe out Ramallah’s PA leadership in the coming May elections for control in Judea & Samaria.

The questions are: How much coordination is there between Hamas leaders Al-Zahar and Meshaal? Is it possible they are manipulating him for an internal revolution in preparation for total war on Israel?

DEBKAfile opens its lead article today with

“Without informing US or Israeli security coordinators, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas Tuesday, Dec. 27 suddenly fired the West Bank’s top security officer Maj. Gen. Diab el-Ali and replaced him with military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Nidal Dokhan. DEBKAfile reveals this followed a deal with Khaled Meshaal to restore Hamas to the West Bank, retool the PNSF and mount a new anti-Israel “resistance” campaign: mass demonstrations are to smash through West Bank barriers, storm into Israel and break into Jewish settlements.”   Debkafile

Meanwhile on the 24th anniversary of the founding of Hamas, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh reiterated clearly the ultimate goal: to totally destroy the State of Israel.  Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV broadcast his speech which was translated and presented by the Palestinian Media Watch research institute. (Click link to read text and see video of broadcast with sub-titles.)

It appears that preparations are indeed being made for large-scale attacks on and from within Israel. Can this renewed war be preempted by Israel? If Israel even tries, the international ‘fall-out’ against Israeli “aggression” will be overwhelming.  If Israel does not, she will be vilified for every attempt at self-defense.  The only win here? Israel must do what it MUST to preserve Israel and protect Israeli citizens.

Once again a force trained and armed by the West (primarily the US government using the CIA) will be used to bring war, terror and suffering to one more country of the Middle East. The history of French, British and US involvement in this area (as in other areas of the world) has consistently shown a preference for power and wealth over wisdom and a love for humanity.  So much for the trumpeted values of these wealthy western governments.  (I use ‘governments’ because very often these leaders have acted against the will and not for the good of their own citizens.)

The anti-Israel world powers are even now in willful blindness, preparing their very own hell, coming soon to a street near you……

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