Arabs Attempt to Lynch Jews? in Israel?

February 27, 2012

Like most Israelis, I was horrified by the cold-blooded attack on the two young soldiers in Haifa. Unfortunately, it’s not infrequent that Arabs attack young soldiers, but it it was horrifying that there was a gang who set out to torture and lynch them. That the gang of Arab thugs attacked them just because they were Jews, I did not find shocking.

However, I was indeed shocked to read the following quote in a news report of an attack on the two young off-duty Israeli soldiers.

Soldier Hospitalized Following Attempted Lynch in Haifa

Off-duty soldier hospitalized after Arab mob attack


The uncle of one victim also expressed his shock over the attack, which took place not far from the soldiers’ homes.

“We’re shocked. We couldn’t believe that in our country a person can be assaulted just because he’s Jewish,” the uncle said.
“I asked for an Israeli flag so I can hang it above my nephew’s hospital bed. That’s the most appropriate move and I felt it must be done.” (Full Ynet Article) (emphasis mine)


Why was he ‘shocked’?

  • Did he just ‘get off the boat’?
  • Does he not have a radio or TV or get any newspapers?
  • Maybe he doesn’t read or understand Hebrew, English, French, Russian, Spanish or any of the other myriad languages in which news is printed and broadcast in Israel?
  • Hasn’t he heard about continuous stoning along the highways, the recent slaughter of innocents in their beds, the frequent bombs going off near checkpoints?
  • Hasn’t he wondered why soldiers man checkpoints on our roads and near our cities?
  • Does he think this is the first ‘lynching’ attack?
  • Does he think these people are attacked because they are “Israelis” who carry that blue plastic ID card — which many of those same Arabs attacking his nephew also carry, by the way?
  • Has he never heard cry  “God is Great, Death to the Jews” in the towns and cities of Israel as the suicide bombers set off their bombs?
  • Has he just assumed that the others (God forbid) deserved it — for driving on a certain road, living in a certain area, belonging to a certain political party?
  • Where has he been?  What has he been thinking?  Or maybe he didn’t think it would ever happen to his family. Ya think?

If he doesn’t know that all these things happen just because these Israelis are Jewish, then he is delusional.

Or maybe he just didn’t want to know what’s been happening to his own people in his own country, in his city or in his own neighborhood. Well, it won’t matter if he knows or not, whether he understands or not: he is a Jew. We are a people small in number; it is inevitable that, in the end, each of us will be or know someone who has been among the injured in an attack. This time it is to him that I must extend my sympathy and a prayer for healing for these young soldiers because a member of his family was targeted.

To this young soldier’s uncle and to all who would be shocked as he was:

It’s true. The Jews fleeing Europe and the sealed shores of the Americas turned toward the land from which their ancestors had been driven, intending to set up a ‘safe house’ , one international haven to which persecuted Jews could escape.  Perhaps they too were delusional for that haven still does not exist.  There is yet no place on earth where Jews can live without fear. And it doesn’t matter how much we shrink our land or how many walls we build around our cities, the very people who are demanding their own  ‘human rights’  to this land are loudly and actively denying the Jews even the basest of human rights: the right to exist.

So, Uncle, now that you know, fly your flag and fly it proudly. But that’s not enough: You must also defend it, with your words, with your votes and with your blood and the blood of your children, when necessary.

It’s not yet safe, but it’s all we have.

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One Response to Arabs Attempt to Lynch Jews? in Israel?

  1. Charlene on February 28, 2012 at 3:38 am

    Such an honest article. I have heard a slap will bring a person around and perhaps this SLAP of truth will bring the Jews around. Everyone knows about ‘Kid Gloves’and this is what Israel has been handling everyone with. It’s time to take the gloves off! Do It Now!It seems that America is no longer a Friend to Israel and does it matter now that America is known again as The Paper Tiger?

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