Ignorance is No Excuse #7

Most of what you see and read on political issues is slanted, ergo propaganda.  It’s in and on the news. It’s in the history books. It’s in the documentaries. It’s in the images. It’s all over the Internet. And it’s on YouTube.  Can you trust any source, then, to gain understanding, knowledge and wisdom?  Yes, but only after you evaluate, test, verify and check multiple sources over time.

Unfortunately, it used to be “If it’s in a book, it must be true.”  “If the newspaper prints it, it must be true.”  And how much more so, “If you see it on a TV news show or documentary, it’s true.”  The West used to claim their journalists were fighters for truth, transparency and freedom of the press to print the facts no matter how powerful the forces against it.

None of this is reliably true today.  There is as much or more propaganda in the west as in the totalitarian countries of the so-called third world.  The facts, whether  printed or broadcast, in words or images, is distorted, manipulated to obfuscate the facts in order to protect and promote the powerful, the rich and the wannabe tyrants of the world.

The result of this is that those who have the understanding and access to search out the facts – and have motivation to do so – will not be fooled for long.  However, the poor and/or the uneducated and indoctrinated who have no access to these sources (whether for monetary or physical/location reasons) remain vulnerable. They will often follow the most popular opinions or charismatic leaders, regardless of facts others try to expose. They are clay in the hands of those molding their forces. For this reason a well-educated public will be more likely to preserve its freedoms — and for this reason, today in the west, we see that the significant failure of the educational system is accompanied in measure by the advancement of anarchists, socialists and communists toward their ultimate goal of enslaving the masses – who don’t know what’s good for them, of course. Some weak societies have already lost any semblance of structure in terms of law, social mores, and community and await the firm hand – of those who DO know what’s good for them.

This is not local, but  extends to the level of international relations – wars/piracy/terrorism – that disturb the ability of the common man to lead a normal, safe life in his society.

How does this apply to Israel?  In a multitude of ways, often with life and death consequence.

The first victims of all forms of propaganda are the Arabs themselves, both those in Israel (including the PA) and in other Arab lands. It  begins with the historical mythology that is still propagated to every generation and extends to current books, news, films and photos.   They would not cynically examine a photo of a wounded child or a destroyed house for alterations, staging and editing,nor does it have any significance to them. They willingly themselves actually participate in such deceipt for the sake of  Islam. They won’t bother looking for the beginning or end of a video clip on YouTube to get context which changes the whole story. They never check the truth or the source of a rumor. They have no reason to doubt that something happened. If it didn’t, it becomes as it if did and there is an overwhelming culture of encouragement to demonize the Jews – and the Christians (Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan and in Israel!) at any opportunity.  And they are taught that the end – the success of achieving Islamic world rule – justifies any and all means, from simple deceit to murder and terrorism.

Latest Example of PA Propaganda

PA: Israel spreads drugs
to destroy Palestinian society

One day after Iranian Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi was condemned internationally for saying that Jews and their Talmud
are responsible for international drug trafficking, no less than five articles in the official PA daily cited different Palestinian Authority
officials accusing Israel of having a policy to disseminate drugs among Palestinian youth.

The Governor of Jericho said that Israel “is encouraging and turning a blind eye to [drug] dealers and their efforts to
distribute drugs, through a systematic policy to destroy Palestinian society, targeting the youth
<click link below to continue  
article and see quotations from PA news> 

PMW: Palestinian Media Watch

The literal facts of history are totally changed, especially regarding Jewish existence in the Land of Israel, the beginnings of Christianity and Islam. Jewish antiquities and ancient sites are destroyed wherever possible.

Even those few who might wish to live their lives in peace find their children radicalized in school and are pressured to support the ‘jihad’ or be labeled a traitor to Islam, with dire consequences.

Watch this brief video for a clear and very public example of indoctrination:   PA TV to kids: Christians and Jews are inferior, cowardly and despised

The second victims, and no less the primary targets of this propaganda, are the western populations, especially the young people. For the most part they either have no remembrance, knowledge of or education in the history of the Middle East, so they are easily radicalized. Many have been comfortable all their lives and are looking for a purpose or a cause to feel important.  (We have seen the results of foreign intervention in Gaza, Israel, and now in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and others.  Thousands have died and so far the result looks likely to be anarchy or a tyrannical government of another kind. )

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