Obama and Erdogen: What was that again?

Are both Obama and Erdogen so arrogant as to think they can do as they please, conspire on war and peace, decide who is friend and who is foe, give a news conference announcing what everyone wants to hear, and no one will be the wiser? Do they really think we are all uninformed, ignorant and oblivious, or just uncaring?

The media does its best to keep us uninformed; the educational system, including our universities, keeps us ignorant, but at least some of us pay attention and we DO care…and we will bring to light whatever is being hidden.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and 2 other media outlets are the only ones to report on the request Erdogen brought with him in which he asked the US to file suit against Israel…..while the general public is smilingly told the sole purpose of the meeting was to bring Turkey and Israel closer together!

The question remains: What is Obama’s response? We’ll soon see.

The Blaze


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