Israeli Medical Care and Medical Training for Palestinians

May 23, 2013
Hospital and Medical School

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and Medical School in Jerusalem

In an amazing and rare admission, the Palestinian Press confirms Israel’s huge investment in medical care for Palestinian (children, in this case).  In addition, the article praises the up-to-date medical training provided for Palestinian doctors at Hadassah Hospital.  The Hadassah organization (with 2 major hospitals in Jerusalem)  founded, expands and maintains excellent medical facilities that serve both Jewish and Arab Israelis as well as Palestinians.  See:  Hadassah Medical Facilities

The article, Official PA daily acknowledges Israeli hospital’s medical care for Palestinian children and training of doctors —    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  — published in the Palestinian Media Watch  reveals the true face of Israeli society toward all in need of medical assistance regardless of political (yes, even life-threatening) enmity. The actual translated text of the Palestinian news article can be read by clicking on the PMW site link above.

First Haddasah Hospital established  on Mt. Scopus near Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

First Haddasah Hospital established on Mt. Scopus near Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

It’s not uncommon for victims of terror and the terrorist to be treated in the same emergency facilities with the same level of care and dedication to healing and saving lives.  While this is widely known and sometimes the subject of media attention in the Israeli press, it is nearly never acknowledged by the Palestinian press and is not widely discussed among Palestinians.  As noted in a previous article on this site, once the Palestinians leave the hospital, that’s often the end of it.

Alas, we speak in generalities and the positive exceptions don’t ever seem to become the rule.

It is a matter of fact, of course, that Israeli Arabs are both doctors and patients in all hospitals in Israel, a fact which may come as a surprise to certain factions of  the international community.

It’s much easier and more popular to trumpet the negative about Israel.

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