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July 28, 2011

Israelinsight exists to provide a clear-eyed view of current events. Our intent is to inform and present our view of world events — political, religious, social, cultural and natural events that have an impact on Israel, past, present and future.  To summarize that sentence: Everything!

There will be links to other sites, other writers, both to research sources and to read other opinions on the subjects we present.  However, except to illustrate the propaganda, lies and distortions of today’s opinion-makers, we will NOT represent  as  positive the atheistic, “progressive”, anarchist, leftist, communist, or other pro-elite, central world government views on this site.

We are an average middle-class family, citizens of Israel. Some are retired, some still working. We all work hard not to be dependent on anyone else but to help others, but as in nearly every country today, we like  others are dependent for life and liberty (to whatever measure our system allows) on the whims of the rulers. Worse than being dependent on the rulers of our own country, those of every powerful regime and crackpot anarchy can affect our daily bread and liberty to obtain and enjoy it.

So, for this reason we write: to make you and yours aware – to the extent possible – of who and what is affecting you and your family, your safety, stability, and right to live as a free person.  We see Israel  – Jerusalem – as the ‘center’ of the universe, the place God established, the only nation whose borders and people were established by the Creator. The future of the world is therefore dependent on and reflects what happens in and to Jerusalem. We interpret the broad overview of history, from events small and mundane, to large and life-changing, according to their  initiation in or impact on the Land of Israel.

We will call it as we see it, sometimes not very diplomatically, sometimes satirically, using the tool of words to try to awaken and energize our readers to uncover underlying motives and agendas.  Of course, our readers will not all agree with our approach nor our conclusions, but we ask you to read, research, and consider what we write; take with you what is true  and measure our conclusions against what you see around in your world.

We wish you health, happiness and prosperity; we wish you the freedom to enjoy what God gives to those who honor Him; we ask you to join us in respecting the family of man by rejecting those who see some as more ‘equal’ than others, who would enslave all men for purposes of power, wealth, and glory — who would make themselves god over us.


Ruth for RKNEWS of Israel

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