Enslavement of the Masses

October 6, 2011

When chaos  reigns, the average citizen will gladly hand over his freedom and all his worldly goods just to obtain safety, security, food and shelter.

The  goal of  social and economic destabilization is not difficult to achieve with sufficient propaganda and money for many are ignorant of history. They are uninformed about the social, cultural and political process that lead to the end of their liberty.

Who questions and exposes the deliberate misuse of key terms and phrases to confuse the uninformed/uneducated?

Does the average citizen understand that his blood may be spilled  and what comes may be worse than what was?

Ignoring oppressive dictatorships, let us ask about the democracies:  Who ARE  those ‘selfless’ leaders, organizers and financiers in NY or London, Athens and Rome, who are instigating and financing the chaos?

What is their end goal? We see the means; what is the end?

Citizen: Before you go into the streets to destroy the political, financial and cultural structure of your society, inform yourself beyond the slogans of the demagogues.


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