Those Who Rule Over Us

October 6, 2011

At the United Nations, in Washington, Paris, London, Berlin, and other national capitals, or in high-priced ‘getaways’, the lives of ordinary citizens are changed, sometimes forever, by the whims  and machinations of Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings and the uber-wealthy. Most of these world-changers are sane, yet many are greedy for power and glory, some for money, and a few are certifiably insane. Once in a while a leader arises who honestly wants to improve the world for mankind. But it’s the unique human being who can have total power without becoming corrupt and relinquish such power willingly. And it’s the unique society that can honor such a man for very long.

Given their power over the media and the internet to manipulate the facts to influence the opinions of the average citizen, the rampant corruption of Presidents, Kings and the extremely wealthy may well light a fire of chaos which will consume the whole world.

Unfortunately, history shows us that the greedy for wealth and power who often take charge to restore ‘order’,  are the most oppressive and reign the longest. What does that say about mankind?

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