Since When is Mob Rule the Same as Democracy?

In every country where the frequently violent thugs are trying control city centers, their numbers in the streets are a significantly tiny percentage of the total  population — even of the city they are trying to take over.  Yet in trying to maintain civil control, even the most liberal of governments, have been forced into confrontation by the mobs, a confrontation immediately condemned by the hypocritical media.

The worst of it is that the picture presented to a gullible public by that media is nearly unchallenged.

We have to ask ourselves some critical questions:

1.  Who are these people in the streets?

2.  Who ‘called them’ to the streets; who riled them up?

3.  Who pays for the equipment, their food, their tents?

4.  How is it that the mobs in Tunisia, Libya, New York, Japan, Tel Aviv (the list goes on and on) all use the same slogans, same signs, and are all composed of many more thugs, rifraff, common criminals, drug addicts, etc., than responsible contributing citizens?

5.  Who has led the world down this garden path, telling everyone that the government, the rich, their neighbors, anyone else owes them middle class living conditions while they can party, dope up and just pick up their checks?

6.  Who told the unions that their members had a right to live better than everyone else, do substandard work,  and  then retire wealthy?  Who is paying for that?  (Hint: Break down the cost of buying a car, a refrigerator, food: all those union member benefits are built into those costs. Who pays?)

7.  How is it that the dates of all these demonstrations around the world are so well coordinated?

Lots more questions come to mind…. but I kind of think the hard-working middle class majority are being HAD both by corrupt government and those demonstrating against for more!!!  The overreaching question really is:

Are we really willing to be ruled by a mob or by  those thugs they want to put in power??



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