Growing Evidence Supports Syrian Rebels Launched Chemical Attack


 The Other Side: Assad Set-up so that Obama would have a Reason to Bomb Syria?

There is as yet independently unsubstantiated evidence for the involvement of the Jabhat al-Nusrah al-Qaeda offshoot in the chemical weapons attack in Syria, at least as much or more evidence than there is for the Syrian army involvement.  I would ask why Syria would OR the rebels would fire on the UN inspectors after Syria invited them in (and, as the West claims, already had time to clear the site of evidence).  The rebels would absolutely benefit from “proving Syria’s guilt”.

A screen shot from a video purports to be Syrian Rebels preparing a WMD attack.

A screen shot from a video purports to be Syrian Rebels preparing a WMD attack.

Another link:

AP reporter Says Rebels Admitted Responsibility

In addition, who is it that wants the West to attack Syria? Certainly not Syria. The Syrians/Iranians/Hezbollah have been defeating the rebels in nearly every serious battle for months now.  It’s not at all clear that this attack advanced their goals.

What’s the evidence? Who’s the source? Was Obama involved in setting up the justification for an attack, given the ridicule that has followed his lack of action?  Did the Muslim Brotherhood help their allies  and at the same time take a few shots at Israel, sure that Iran and Syria would be blamed?

We know that Saudi Arabia and is allies are providing support to the rebels. Do we know to what extent and by what means? They also want to force the U.S. to attack Syria.

There are so many conspirators, all with evil intent. Are there any  “good guys” left in power? Or do only the innocent and naive remain to serve as canon fodder in the fight between the religious jihadists and the extreme left for world power.

“Abdola Al-Jaledi, a former high-ranking member of the Jabhat al-Nusrah front has revealed on his Twitter account @abo_almonthir, that his Jabhat al-Nusrah colleagues are in possession of chemical weapons, reports the independent Syrian Dampress Online Journal.”

In the  linked article, there are claims that will take some time to verify, but at least some of it may be accurate.  We used to be able to believe the Western intelligence reports, the US Admin and State Department. That’s no longer the case. They are deeply involved in multiple (illegal) intrigues both at home and abroad and will cover themselves no matter the cost to others. And don’t be taken in by their ‘concern’ for loss of ‘innocent’ life.  Do they care about the churches and the Copts in Egypt?  Do they care about other minorities being slaughtered in Africa? What about those Christians slaughtered during the Kenya election violence perpetrated by the so-called extended family of Obama (He even visited there and was sending the ‘rebels’  tax money when he was in the Senate – check it out), minorities in Yemen, in Zimbabwe, human rights in China??     So……we are on our own to figure it out.

However, it really may not matter who’s to blame; it will matter who the West says is to blame. What will follow the disaster that they are plotting. We are all on the sidelines, but for one thing: It will eventually spillover into our living rooms in Israel and it will eventually take sons and daughters from the West to fight a rabid enemy in foreign lands. Then it will eventually come to your living rooms. May God help us all.

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Regional Implications of a U.S. Strike on Syria

Yaakov Lappin, the author of this article, based his analysis on the premise that it was Assad’s troops who launched the chemical attack. Yet we now know that at least 4 Hezbollah fighters are being treated for exposure to the chemicals. They claim they encountered them in caves being used by insurgents. Either truth is more frightening than a strictly governmental military operation because we now know that weapons of mass destruction are in the hands one or more terrorist groups.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Analysis: The Regional Implications of a U.S. Strike on Syria

by Yaakov Lappin   Special to IPT News    August 27, 2013

Quote from article:  “In recent days, Syrian and Iranian officials have issued a series of threats designed to deter a punitive strike, asserting, for example, a U.S. attack will create “a ball of fire that would burn not only Syria but the whole Middle East.” One Syrian spokesman claimed Israel would be the “first victim” of a U.S. attack on Syria, and that Israel will “come under fire” in the event of a strike. Such statements have been routinely issued by Iran and Syria in the past….

….In light of the fact that Assad is likely to survive an American military move, it would make no sense for him to take a step that will all but ensure his demise by provoking an Israeli response.”
Nevertheless, in the Middle East, irrational steps can never be ruled out.”
[Read entire article  at:  Analysis: The Regional Implications of a U.S. Strike on Syria :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism ]


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Rockets from Lebanon Strike the Western Galilee

Rocket strikes ‘Be’it El*’, an inn for Holocaust survivors in Shavei Tsion

The sirens sounded and residents of the Beit El  Holocaust survivors inn in Shavei Tsion scurried to the nearby bomb shelter from the dining room where they were enjoying their afternoon coffee and cake. Soon after, a rocket struck near the kitchen wall, blowing out an iron door and causing further damage to the building and the surroundings. Thank God, no one was hurt. One survivor said, “It was a miracle.”

Shavei Tsion damage

Kitchen door blown out and damage to building and surrounding area.

It’s not the first time the area has been targeted, but in previous attacks, the rockets have fallen in nearby open fields or into the sea.

The residents of Acre, Nahariya, Shavei Tsion and other communities of the coastal Western Galilee know to take cover immediately on hearing the sirens.

The IDF states that 4 rockets entered Israel but one was intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. Another hit a street in Kibbutz Gesher haZiv. A road was damaged along with some vehicles. Two residents suffered from shock.

Targeted area

Rockets launched from S. Lebanon across the border into Israel

Minor damage was also caused by shrapnel from a rocket intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system. Lebanese sources reported that 2 additional rockets fell in open areas inside Lebanon.
There have been conflicting reports about responsibility from Global Islamic Jihad  to Palestinian groups claiming responsibility.  The IDF does not blame Hizbollah, but Iran may still have been involved in directing the attacks. 
The prevailing message from the IDF is that it was the Palestinian affiliated groups and thus a ‘one-time’ event. However, those claiming responsibility (see below) are Sunni radicals and, if so, may be an off-shoot of Al Qaeda which might change the picture considerably.
UN Troops at Shavei Tsion

UNIFIL troops inspect damage at Shave Tsion

The US administration, of course, advised “restraint” by Israel while the State Department acknowledged that this was a breach of the “blue line” agreement between Lebanon and Israel. Both Israel and the US indicated that the government in Beirut is wholly responsible for keeping the peace.

A UN spokesman noted that “UNIFIL is aware of the reports and the mission has sent one of its helicopters to investigate the incident. The force commander is also in contact with various parties and has called for restraint.” The Lebanese Army and UNIFIL are reported to be launching an investigation.

Ahiya Raved of YNET reported:

 The rocket, 122 mm in size, caused a large hole in front of the inn.  

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz held an emergency meeting with head of the IAF, Northern District commander, head of military intelligence and other senior officers to review possible responses to the rocket attack. [ISRAELINSIGHT Notes: ~ 04:00 this morning, Israel aircraft bombed the site believed involved in the launch. Lebanon reported no casualties.]

Sheikh Siraj a-Din Zrikat, a Lebanese cleric affiliated with Sunni radicals, said Thursday that the “Abdallah al Aza’am Brigades and the Ziad al Jarah Squadrons” are responsible for the launch of four rockets at the direction of Israel.

The Lebanese Sheikh said that by launching rockets, jihadists will make it to Haifa and other strategic area of the “Jewish enemy.”


* Be’it El translation:  House of God








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French Justice? Media Distortion?




Mohammed & Father crouched behind a barrel

 The Paris Court of Appeals, which had overturned Karsenty’s libel conviction in 2008, convicted Karsenty on Wednesday and fined him
about $9,000 in his long-running case against the France 2 station.

 Karsenty called the verdict “outrageous,” while a lawyer for France 2 said it was a victory for journalists, according to The Associated

 France 2 and its Israel correspondent, Charles Enderlin, sued Karsenty for defamation in 2004 following his claims that a video report by
Enderlin on the killing of 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura in Gaza in 2000 was doctored.

Karsenty claimed the footage of al-Dura crouching with his father behind a barricade as bullets whizzed overhead was a hoax. The footage
became an icon of the second Palestinian intifada…..

In returning the case to the appeals court, the high court said the appeals court had overstepped its bounds in ordering France 2 to send it
the rushes of the report, according to the French news agency AFP.   
 [JTA News Brief]


Philippe Karsenty presented his point of view just prior to the ruling in the June 22nd  Jerusalem Post Article “Thanks to Kuperwasser al-Dura report, truth is on its way“.


Role of Information & Justice in a Free Society

Role of Information & Justice in a Free Society

Once again an injustice is done in the al-Dura case.  The French High Court in overturning an appeals court ruling has convicted and fined  Phillipe Karsenty of defaming France2 News.

In denying his right to access all of the original footage in order to prove his case, the effect is that a news organization is permitted to film a ‘performance’, present it as news and any parties harmed by such will have no legal recourse to exam all original footage to prove the lie.

Today’s news organization: Is its purpose to INFORM the public or is it to FORM public opinion? The answer is no longer obvious.

This ruling seems to say that there is no defined ethical public responsibility to publish the facts and truths insofar as they can be known. The ‘freedom of the press’ appears to be an unlimited ‘freedom to defame’, including use of their influence to color a news report with their own ideology, to hide, create, or distort the  facts and even insinuate bold lies into the story.

This can be done quite easily today by altering photos, creative video editing, or changing a word or two in a quotation. Unfortunately, for many publishers, editors, and reporters,  their ‘for-the-greater-good’ end justifies any means. They intend to conform the world to their own view of paradise  regardless of  immediate and lasting injury to any party – individual, national or international.

By abusing  the power of the TV screen, the front page headlines and news blogs, they accomplish two things: 1) intended – they convince the naive and uninformed; 2) unintended – they lose the trust of those who seek the truth.   The need to close off other avenues of knowledge to the 2nd group may one day be used to justify government control of the news in countries where it is currently ‘free’.

Are they so blind? Do they not see that by abusing the right given them to find and print truth, that very ‘right’ may be lost,  subject to the whim of those who hold power:  Heads of State, Parliaments and Justice Systems?

ISRAEL –   UPDATE:    Doctor: Here’s Why Mohammed al-Dura Really Died
Israeli Doctor who was exonorated in France after proving Mohammed al-Dura’s father lied about his injuries, explains what happened to Mohammed as-Dura and Rami al-Dura and why the time line didn’t make sense. Summary: Mohammed was already dead and Rami (crouching with his father) wasn’t killed by anyone. See link for full story.

Finally, an official Israeli report on the ‘ al-Dura incident’ has been published, although it has come so late that lasting harm has been done.  Everyone has apparently decided what s/he believes. No further information, barring a live ‘boy/young man’ or new hard evidence of death, its cause and identification of the body will change any minds.

In my opinion and according to this report, this was a  “Pallywood” production with the local and French press as willing accomplices. The Palestinians’ “Pallywood” staff work hard to present Israel to the world as a terrorist nation who murders women and children. The intended audience, by and large, is still inclined to believe newspaper and magazine reports,  photos and, even more so, on-line video clips ‘from the front lines’.


Even some foreign reporters have admitted to being intimidated by locals during clashes. In other cases, reporters have been known to encourage rioting/stoning, as they stand behind the perpetrators to film the ‘action’. The Jerusalem Post reported: Photographers watching Palestinian stone thrower

 Some western journalists have been warned not to work with Arabic speaking reporters who fail to toe the     “All-  Occupation, All The Time” reporting.  This is how the PA controls not only their own media outlets, but those western outlets.  All too many simply play along rather than stand up for press and speech freedoms and  possibly risk losing access. 

For those journalists who behave and report primarily about the occupation, the rewards are access to senior officials.  Senior PA officials told Arab Israeli journalist abu Toameh, “Even the Jews at Haaretz behave themselves and for that they are rewarded with interviews of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.”

Editors should know that whenever the primary reporter and those who file  reports ‘from the field’ are locally hired journalists, their stories should be thoroughly checked. However, over and over again, we see that they either have not verified the reports or have allowed the reports through written with an anti-Israel bais which distorts the facts.
And what about the news organizations and the crews themselves? Do the news crews have no moral or ethical values, or perhaps is there loyalty to their rulers override all honesty.  There are exceptions, but they are few and are likely to pay a high price.
Is this what we have come to with our fabulous technological ability to report the news from any corner of the world? We’ve seen other staging of a news reports before this one but with much less impact. For instance, during the war in Lebanon Reuters was forced to admit that their photos were photo-shopped to present false battles and deaths.
It’s also reported that the  foreign press has submitted complaints from time to time against the IDF for not permitting them free access when there is rioting.  The IDF, on the other hand, claims that news crews sometimes, purposely or not, incite the rioters. With the record we have seen, is it any wonder that the IDF is not anxious to permit foreign journalists and local reps of foreign agencies to enter the field with them? In any case, they are likely to find many of them among and behind the rioters.
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Israeli Medical Care and Medical Training for Palestinians

Hospital and Medical School

Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital and Medical School in Jerusalem

In an amazing and rare admission, the Palestinian Press confirms Israel’s huge investment in medical care for Palestinian (children, in this case).  In addition, the article praises the up-to-date medical training provided for Palestinian doctors at Hadassah Hospital.  The Hadassah organization (with 2 major hospitals in Jerusalem)  founded, expands and maintains excellent medical facilities that serve both Jewish and Arab Israelis as well as Palestinians.  See:  Hadassah Medical Facilities

The article, Official PA daily acknowledges Israeli hospital’s medical care for Palestinian children and training of doctors —    by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik  — published in the Palestinian Media Watch  reveals the true face of Israeli society toward all in need of medical assistance regardless of political (yes, even life-threatening) enmity. The actual translated text of the Palestinian news article can be read by clicking on the PMW site link above.

First Haddasah Hospital established  on Mt. Scopus near Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

First Haddasah Hospital established on Mt. Scopus near Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel

It’s not uncommon for victims of terror and the terrorist to be treated in the same emergency facilities with the same level of care and dedication to healing and saving lives.  While this is widely known and sometimes the subject of media attention in the Israeli press, it is nearly never acknowledged by the Palestinian press and is not widely discussed among Palestinians.  As noted in a previous article on this site, once the Palestinians leave the hospital, that’s often the end of it.

Alas, we speak in generalities and the positive exceptions don’t ever seem to become the rule.

It is a matter of fact, of course, that Israeli Arabs are both doctors and patients in all hospitals in Israel, a fact which may come as a surprise to certain factions of  the international community.

It’s much easier and more popular to trumpet the negative about Israel.

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Ignorance is No Excuse #9

The Scots who head the Church of Scotland appear to be suffering from a common malady whose cause is arrogance and whose most obvious symptom is blind ignorance.

Whatever is causing them to stubbornly and publicly refute proven historical fact must be very powerful, since it will surely make them a laughing stock to all educated  historians.

Except for those brainwashed by PA teachers and leaders, even people who are anti-Israel, would be unlikely to publicly demonstrate such ignorance of historical fact.

So, for the Scots and any others whose knowledge of history requires refreshing;  Arutz7 – Israel National News

Scots And Jews: Braveheart, Meet Ben Yair

Continue reading

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Sharia Law – Islamic Justice: Just One Example

The CodePinks, J Street crowd would like our women to be treated thus?


From: Dr. Arieh Eldad:

I was instrumental in establishing the Israeli National Skin Bank, which is the largest in the world. The National Skin Bank stores skin for every day needs as well as for war time or mass casualty situations. This skin bank is hosted at the Hadassah Ein Kerem University hospital in Jerusalem where I was the Chairman of plastic surgery.

This is how I was asked to supply skin for an Arab woman from Gaza, who was hospitalized in Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, after her family burned her. Usually, such atrocities happen among Arab families when the women are suspected of having an affair.

We supplied all the needed Homografts for her treatment. She was successfully treated by my friend and colleague, Prof. Lior Rosenberg and discharged to return to Gaza . She was invited for regular follow-up visits to the outpatient clinic in Beersheva.

One day she was caught at a border crossing wearing a suicide belt. She meant to explode herself in the outpatient clinic of the hospital where they saved her life.  It seems that her family promised her that if she did that, they would forgive her.

This is only one example of the war between Jews and Muslims in the Land of Israel. It is not a territorial conflict. This is a civilizational conflict, or rather a war between civilization & barbarism.

Bibi (Netanyahu) gets it, Obama does not.

I have never written before asking to please forward onwards, so that as many as possible can understand radical Islam and what awaits the world if it is not stopped.

Dr Arieh Eldad

Dr. Arye Eldad is a KNESSET member (Israeli parliament)

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Obama and Erdogen: What was that again?

Are both Obama and Erdogen so arrogant as to think they can do as they please, conspire on war and peace, decide who is friend and who is foe, give a news conference announcing what everyone wants to hear, and no one will be the wiser? Do they really think we are all uninformed, ignorant and oblivious, or just uncaring?

The media does its best to keep us uninformed; the educational system, including our universities, keeps us ignorant, but at least some of us pay attention and we DO care…and we will bring to light whatever is being hidden.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and 2 other media outlets are the only ones to report on the request Erdogen brought with him in which he asked the US to file suit against Israel…..while the general public is smilingly told the sole purpose of the meeting was to bring Turkey and Israel closer together!

The question remains: What is Obama’s response? We’ll soon see.

The Blaze


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Terror: Tunnels, Stones and Molotov Cocktails

Recently, a new tunnel was discovered which originated in Gaza with an exit into southern Israel. From such a tunnel came the kidnappers of an Israeli soldier and from such tunnels, the terrorists are sent to maim and kill. Even after

Attack on Rachel's Tomb

Molotov Cocktails thrown at visitors and soldiers at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem
[Israel National News]

Israel responds militarily (until ‘called off’ by the Western powers who always know best!), the attacks and efforts to cause mass civilian casualties continue….on a daily basis. Deadly stones are thrown at cars near Hebron and Bethlehem, Molotov cocktails are thrown at civilians and soldiers at checkpoints and historic sites– all these and other attacks during just the last week. Sometimes they make the Israeli news, but not always, and they almost never make the international news unless Israelis capture the perpetrators…then Israel is castigated.

Of course, as long as there is media support for Hamas, as long as there is support from leftist extremists in America, Europe, and Israel and as long as the money pours in, the attempts to terrorize through murder and mayhem will continue! And anyone who thinks that the millions of dollars donated or the tons of  humanitarian aid trucked in daily from Israel, Egypt and abroad goes to the poor is being played for a fool.

The junta must keep the poor in dire poverty to be used to pressure Israel through photo ops by official and unofficial “tourists” who come to prove Israel’s inhumanity toward the helpless, starving Gazan Arabs. There will be no improvement in the living conditions for the masses in Gaza or in any of the other “refugee“ camps (in Israel, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) as long as the terrorist organizations deem it best for their political and financial interests to keep their subjects destitute.

The wonder is, not that the foreigners are fooled, but that the oppressed remain brainwashed, cooperative (certainly under threat as well) and convinced that their own suffering and a constant reign of terror over the enemy is the only way to gain wealth and power over the infidels. And generation after generation, do they truly continue to believe they will one day receive their ‘fair share’?

(And by the way, the exact same propaganda techniques are now being used effectively in the US among the poor. . It’s working there, too.)


Saudis Pledge US$100M for Gaza

Tunnel Discovered

Attack on Rachel’s Tomb

Motorists Terrorized in Gush Etzion

Rock Pierces Windshield-Child Injured

How Goods are Delivered to Gaza

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The Israel Defense Forces join the Media Wars

For up-to-the-minute information, go to

Israel is reporting current events in the war on terror (Operation Pillar of Defense) both through blogs, twitter and other social media sites with text, video and photo evidence. TWITTER entries by the IDF SPOKESMAN can be read on this site’s Israelinsight Twitter window.

Israel mourns the loss of 4 citizens this morning. We pray for their families to be comforted as we also pray for all those who remain within range of terrorist missles.

In addition, the IDF stationed along the Syrian border remains alert as a ‘stray’ bullet grazed an Israeli soldier this morning.

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