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Arabs Attempt to Lynch Jews? in Israel?

February 27, 2012
Soldier Hospitalized Following Attempted Lynch in Haifa

Like most Israelis, I was horrified by the cold-blooded attack on the two young soldiers in Haifa. Unfortunately, it’s not infrequent that Arabs attack young soldiers, but it it was horrifying that there was a gang who set out to torture and lynch them. That the gang of Arab thugs attacked them just because they...

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Ignorance is no Excuse #4

December 1, 2011
Birth of Israel in Headlines

UN Partition  and the Birth of Israel: An immeasurable amount misinformation and politically-motivated propaganda has been published in every possible venue, from academia to the latest docudramas. One who seeks the truth must hunt for and through thousands of source documents in order to shed the light of truth on an historical event. We...

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