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Terror: Tunnels, Stones and Molotov Cocktails

January 17, 2013
Attack on Rachel's Tomb

Recently, a new tunnel was discovered which originated in Gaza with an exit into southern Israel. From such a tunnel came the kidnappers of an Israeli soldier and from such tunnels, the terrorists are sent to maim and kill. Even after Israel responds militarily (until ‘called off’ by the Western powers who always know...

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Father and Baby Son Die While the Nations Cheer Their Murderers

September 27, 2011
Asher Palmer & son, Yehonaton

While the world’s eyes and ears were focused on the UN, the direct consequences of the demands of one man, Abbas, resulted in the spilling of innocent blood. Dateline: ISRAEL  Friday, Sept. 23, 2011 FIRST REPORT:  Around the time Abbu Mazen (Abbas) was making his demands before the UN General Assembly, a young man was driving home on a...

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